The Minute I Saw You

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The Minute I Saw You
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Book Summary

The brand new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author Paige Toon. The perfect summer read for 2020!

Some people believe that it’s possible to fall in love simply by gazing into another person’s eyes...

When Hannah and Sonny meet, a spark ignites that is hard to ignore and impossible to forget. Weeks later, their paths cross again, but Sonny appears distant and reluctant to meet Hannah’s eye. It soon transpires that Sonny is at a crossroads. He’s committed to making serious life changes – ones that can’t and won’t include romance.

Hannah has her own reasons for wanting to keep their budding friendship platonic. Plus, she’s only in town temporarily, housesitting for her uncle. But as the summer hots up and the chemistry between them intensifies, Hannah and Sonny discover that there’s more to each other than meets the eye...

Praise for Paige Toon:

Youll love it, cry buckets and be uplifted MARIAN KEYES
Tender, heartbreaking and magical GIOVANNA FLETCHER
Heart-warming, wistful and full of joy LINDSEY KELK
‘Poignant and lovely, warm and wise’ MILLY JOHNSON
Family secrets, new horizons and a gorgeous continent-crossing romance... prepare to be swept away! LUCY DIAMOND
‘Warm, inspiring, like a holiday mood in book form’  MHAIRI MCFARLANE
For smart, romantic fiction, look no further than the new book from bestselling Paige Toon  RED
 Achingly romantic and brilliantly written... Five Stars!  HEAT
Simply gorgeous SUN
You wont be able to put down this emotional read  CLOSER
Paige Toon is the queen of will-they/wont-they romance, setting up an ending that will leave you in bits  SUNDAY EXPRESS
Full of living-in-the-moment and what-might-have-been contrasts, this tender read pulls at the heart strings  FABULOUS

Reader Reviews
  •    Negar Mineherart
    Well this was certainly the sexiest Paige Toon novel yet, these characters are all charged and there are lingering looks left right and centre. This book is also chock full of secrets which also makes it incredibly hard to review without giving spoilers but don't worry I'm not giving anything away and neither is this author. Every turn is unexpected and I really didn't see some of the reveals along the way coming at all.

    I bonded with Hannah right away, she seems like such an easy going type of person and someone that it would be easy to chat to and get along with and so I was invested in her right from the start. She has had a tough start in life and her secret heartbreak is always there with her affecting her everyday thoughts and actions. Sonny also wears his heartbreak right out there. He is a complex fellow and I have to admit I was somewhat wary of him to begin with but he is a total cinnamon roll of a man, he has a bit of a tough exterior but is soft and lovely in the muddle. He has a whole host of skeletons in his closet and all of those contribute to his complex past and his own secret heartbreak.

    This book deals with many many issues that aren't often covered in this genre. A lot of those issues are plot points, reveals or spoilers and so I can't really go into greater detail but I really loved seeing this author tackle some of these topics that might normally seem taboo. One of the messages that comes across in this book is that sex isn't the be all and end all in a relationship, that sex can sometimes be traumatic and there can be love without sex and that is something which I don't think comes up often enough.

    We also delve into the area of mental health in this novel, something which thankfully is becoming less and less taboo. Reading about it in this matter of fact way is definitely something that contributes to breaking those barriers and I love the way it is explored and written about in the context of Hannah and Sonny's stories. Of course we have some wonderful settings because it wouldn't be a Paige Toon novel without some wonderful travel adventures whether that's a trip in a canoe along the cam or flying further afield to friends and family in exotic locations. I was there alongside these characters; travelling vicariously through them and having the odd glass of prosecco with them as I did.

    This is a beautiful slow burn of a book that explores love in all its forms. I love the topics that Paige Toon has had her characters meet head on and I loved being back in Cambridge again and the One Perfect Summer vibes that it bought. This is the kind of book we all need in our lives right now and it was a pleasure to read, I hope to see these characters again very soon!
  •    Torisar Laneve
    Finally another Toon book, my first on kindle, but I will definitely get the paperback when it comes out in August.

    We follow Hannah in this story. She works as an optician and is housesitting for her uncle. She went through a lot in her life and doesn’t do relationships. Then Sonny walk into the shop, she works at and they have instant chemistry. Paige Toon captured that beautifully. When he comes back to pick up his glasses two weeks later he is very different though.

    Sonny is a photographer, but he is not enjoying fashion photography. His past has been full of difficult situations and now he has sworn of sex for a while.

    They meet again through Hannah’s new friend Matilda. A friendship starts to build up between them, but their connection is still obvious. I really enjoyed how their relationship developed, because it was different. They start spending more and more time together, sometimes with their friends or canoeing on the river or just hanging out at the pub.

    This book covers a lot of very important topics like mental health, the homeless and many more. I don’t want to give too much away here.
    It’s full of emotions and that makes the book really intense in a good way. There are a lot of unexpected moments and ups and downs.

    Hannah and Sonny are great main characters with a lot of depth and warmth. I also really liked the other characters in this book and it was fab to read about some familiar faces again.

    Paige Toon’s voice is electric, passionate and fresh. I was hooked immediately and really liked how the storyline developed. The book is also very sexy and exciting.

    It’s another stunning and amazing book by Paige Toon. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and I also enjoyed being back in Cambridge. I absolutely adored the setting.

    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Perfect for summer!


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